Project Background

Tackling portal proliferation: Geoff Barnard's Pecha Kucha talk on the climate knowledge platform at the Connect4Climate Be The Movement Workshop in Warsaw, 20 November 2013.

The ever-growing number of knowledge sharing platforms on climate change and development has meant that users of climate knowledge are often unsure which services are most appropriate to their needs.

The Knowledge Navigator project has developed a web-based interactive tool, called a widget, to guide users through to appropriate climate change websites. Through this tool, users can find websites to:

  • access knowledge that best suits their needs or
  • share their own experiences and resources.

The widget can be embedded into existing websites to help users to access other related climate change information.

This tool also provides knowledge brokers with a clear picture of other brokers and intermediaries working in the climate change sector to enable them to link up more effectively and reduce duplication of efforts.