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Observatório do Clima (Climate Observatory)

The Observatory is a Brasilian network that seeks to articulate efforts on climate change issues. It promotes exchange among experts, as well as the coordination of efforts between civil society organisations to influence government actions towards climate change adaptation and mitigation in Brasil.

Observatorio do REDD (REDD Observatory) (OR)

The REDD Observatory emerged from the need of social movements and civil society to follow debates over climate issues. Its purpose is to encourage transparency in ongoing REDD initiatives, and to promote social control through information dissemination and training of leaders within local communities and indigenous peoples.

Open Climate Network (OCN)

Open Climate Network (OCN) is an independent, international partnership that tracks and reports on the progress of key countries on climate change. The network seeks to accelerate progress toward a low-emissions future by gathering, analysing and sharing information related to national climate policies around the globe. This information aims to enhance accountability for climate policy implementation both between and within countries, contributing to higher levels of ambition and effectiveness as policymakers tackle the challenge of climate change.

Open Energy Information (OpenEI)

Open Energy Information (OpenEI) is a knowledge sharing online community dedicated to connecting people with the latest information and data on energy resources from around the world. The platform is a wiki where users can view, edit, add download data for free. With your help, OpenIE hopes to provide the most current information needed to make informed decisions on energy, market investment, and technology development. Your data will also help create new businesses, build innovative tools, and inspire new analyses. In addition to the Wiki, OpenEI provides a platform for sharing datasets.

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