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Pacific Climate Futures

Pacific Climate Futures is a web-based tool built upon the extensive analysis of global climate models from climate change in the Pacific under the Pacific Climate Change Science Program (PCCSP). It allows users to explore the likelihood of future changes in temperature, rainfall, wind, sunshine, humidity and evaporation based on 20-year time periods around 2030, 2055 and 2090 under three greenhouse gas emissions scenarios. Understanding projections of the future climate is essential for underpinning climate change adaptation strategies and contributing to sustainable development.

Pacific Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments Program (Pacific RISA)

The Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) Program has 11 region-specific RISA teams including the Pacific. It aims to help mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate variability and change by enhancing the Pacific communities' abilities to understand, plan for, and respond to changing climate conditions. Pacific RISA works in partnerships with local decision-makers, integrating the social and physical sciences to address climate change related risks in the region.

Planet Forward (PF)

Planet Forward (PF) brings together experts and engaged citizens to find solutions to challenges in the areas of energy, climate and sustainability. PF, through collaborations, have created a public square, curating the best ideas and innovations from scientists, business leaders, advocates, students and government leaders. By challenging conventional media approaches, this site combines the power of user-generated media and the tools of journalism to discover innovations that can change the world.

Plataforma de Política Energética (Plataforma Energética)

Hosted by the Center for Labor and Agrarian Development (Cedla), Bolivia, this platform is a participatory, pluralistic and democratic space to share and systematise information and analysis; as well as generate knowledge and promote research and public debate on the energy policy and, within it, the future of hydrocarbons in Bolivia. The platform is open to universities, development institutions, national and regional public institutions, social organisations, business, and citizens interested in energy issues.

Platform for Climate-Smart Planning (CSP)

The Platform for Climate Smart Planning (CSP) provides users with opportunities to gather and share information on the application of climate-resilient and low-carbon development tools via a wide range of climate-related global and national datasets. In addition to hosting, curating, and managing toolkits and datasets, this platform also offers capacity-building and knowledge support. A tool library, as well as 'data' and 'learning' portals contain a selection of materials, mainly produced by CSP partners.

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